31 mai, 2021

Major Swedish interest for Norway

Pangea’s Head of Research & Partner, Mikael Söderlundh, was interviewed by E24 last week about the major Swedish interest for Norwegian real estate.

«The Nordic integration will continue. Historically, Norwegian companies had Norwegian property, and Swedish companies had Swedish property. This is changing now and will only continue going forward. There are economies of scale in real estate,» says Söderlundh.

Earlier this year, three listed Swedish companies bid on Entra. Earlier this month, Balder acquired Asset Buyout Partners at NOK 9bn, and last week SBB became the largest shareholder in Solon Eiendom.

“Now, there are several Swedish companies that have invested in the Norwegian real estate market, and there have been several large transactions recently. This is not unexpected, and we believe this will continue,” says Söderlundh adds.

Read more in E24 (in Norwegian), click here

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