19 april, 2022

Please vote for us at Euromoney 2022!

Pangea has participated in the annual Euromoney Real Estate Survey for several years, and we highly appreciate all the support given to us. For Pangea a good score means a lot, both as market feedback and for all our employees as we always try to improve. This is where you can make a difference as an important contributor:)

The Euromoney Real Estate Survey 2022 is conducted by Euromoney magazine and invites thousands of leading firms from the global Real Estate Sector to nominee their preferred advisors, banks, institutions, developers etc. from more than 70 countries worldwide.

We would highly appreciate a few minutes of your valuable time to nominee Pangea Property Partners in the survey. It is possible to vote blank on everything that is not relevant to complete the survey even faster.

Link to the survey, click here

Thank you so much – We really appreciate it!

Till nyhetsarkiv